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Life is a collection of moments and I am there to capture those moments from your wedding day in a way to show the world what YOUR love looks like. Photographing authentic and artistic images is what makes my heart beat fast. I love making images that are filled with light, movement and elegance. My love for artistic images has its roots in my background. Growing up I completed 10 years of art school, where I studied everything from sculpture to oil paining. My amazing teachers focused on the classical approach for the most part and taught me how to see the light, colors and composition that no photography book or seminar ever will!  My goal is to make my shots look like snapshots from a movie: dynamic, atmospheric, soulful. I want to tell the story of your day, meanwhile blow your mind with breath-taken portraits. I feel blessed to have couples who share my vision. If you believe that my style resonates with you , I would love to hear from you and learn about your wedding!

I am incredibly honored to have won several highest wedding photography awards (Fearless Awards) as well as appearing on the covers of Pittsburgh magazine, and having been featured/picked by editors in Vogue Italia, Strictly weddings and Whirl magazines among others. It means a lot to be appreciated by this industry, but more importantly by my couples who invite me to document their special day.


I’ve spent the past decade capturing strong emotions and witnessing amazing love stories. I tend to forget names with time, but your vows, your first dance and other remarkable moments are ingrained in my memory for years to come and I draw my inspiration based on the captivating love stories I’ve seen. I never planned to be a wedding photographer.  I stumbled into photography back in 2010 while I was studying for my MBA degree, and it lit a fire inside of me that seems to grow every year. Art has always been a huge part of my life. Drawing on years of experience in classical art school and growing up in the family of a fashion designer, I eventually became interested in fashion/beauty photography. After a few years in front of a camera I finally found myself behind the lens and from then everything just fell into place.
I changed many styles throughout the years; from classical approach to fine art to dark and moody. Eventually I quit following trends and developed my own style, which is often being described as cinematic. My vision was to mix the elegance of fine art photography with emotions and dynamics of so-called “moody style”, add the atmosphere and spice it up with fashion glare. Years later, I established my own wedding photography school with the focus on cinematic approach to still images, where I have a privilege to teach every year during Winter.

«Kristi Telnov is incredible. She is a professional wedding photographer in any sense of the word, from her truly artistic eye which makes her photos look like they are from a cover of Vogue and picture any person at their best, to her technical abilities which transpire in her ability to use natural light to her advantage and are underpinned by her original background of being a professionally trained painter/artist. Kristi Telnov’s work is a reflection of her personality and her sophisticated classy taste combined with her natural talent to capture moments that are truly authentic. On top of everything else she has an easy-going personality and is very involved in making moments of life into a magically memorable memory».

Christina and Jake